About the project

The European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators (DigCompEdu 2017) states the urgent need for educators to develop a specific set of digital competences in order to be able to seize the potential of digital technologies in enhancing and innovating education and Towards Maturity ‘The Transformation Journey’ 2019 reports that among Learning Professionals:

  • 93% identified facilitating collaboration for learning as a priority, however, in 2018 only 34% have that skill
  • 92% identified digital content creation as a required skill, but only 31% have these skills

The Critical Curation and Collaboration in Learning (Cur8) project seeks to address this challenge by supporting the development of these competences in Educators (CVET and VET providers, Workplace Trainers and Adult Educators).

It focuses on the development of the specific competences of:

  • critically curating, creating and sharing digital learning resources
  • managing and orchestrating collaborative and self-directed learning, and
  • empowering and actively engaging learners

Our aim is to foster efficient, effective, inclusive and collaborative learning strategies for adult learners.

Critical content curation offers the opportunity to source learning content in dynamic, learner-centred and socially interactive ways in order to support an inquiry-based pedagogy. It is relevant to both Educators AND learners who, through the Cur8 project, will be encouraged to become digital curators who not only consume information that they find on the internet but also evaluate and synthesise it to meet learning needs.