Our Goals

Our goal is to increase the use of digital technologies by educators and trainers, especially through the application of critical digital literacy skills, learning content curation and collaborative learning techniques.

In terms of concrete products the ‘Critical Curation and Collaboration in Learning’ project will develop:

  1. A Transnational Stocktaking Report and Educator Engagement Strategy
  2. The Cur8 Train-the-Trainer Format for Educators and Trainers
  3. The Cur8 Toolbox for Educators and Trainers
  4. The Cur8 Learning Experience Platform
  5. The Cur8 Experience Report and Roadmap

Cur8 will be put into practice in a Transnational Training Activity with 18 adult educators, who then pilot the approach with other educators and adult learners in their respective country.

140 more educators, trainers and multipliers will be informed about the project outputs and instructed how to use them in the pilots and by multiplier events, and at least 120 adult learners will be directly involved in the project.

…and the anticipated impact?

For the teachers, trainers and educators the impact we aspire to is:

  • Greater understanding of the importance of critical digital literacy for focused and targeted learning and learning content curation;
  • Accepting that the process of finding, aggregating, filtering and selecting relevant content is a key skill in learning design
  • Recognition that collaborative and game-based learning are key technologies for enhancing education and training
  • Increased awareness of the benefits of raising awareness of the importance of adult learners being critically digitally literate;
  • Increased awareness of the opportunities presented by OER and using the best information from top sources
  • Concrete knowledge, skills and competences in terms of using a specific range of digital technologies, including content curation, collaborative learning and interactive games and embedding it effectively in their educational activities;
  • Increased use of blended learning and self-directed learning techniques and the ability to use digital technologies to support these techniques
  • Increased network with an international group of trainers
  • Incorporation of new insights and expertise into teaching and learning activities
  • Increased employability
  • The application of modern approaches to teaching and learning: becoming a ‘curator- concierge’ in supporting learners (instead of ‘a sage on the stage’)

For adult learners involved in skills training and updating the impact we seek is:

  • Increased awareness of the power of self-directed learning;
  • Improved knowledge to critically find and filter relevant content for learning;
  • Increased skills in critical digital literacy;
  • Improved learning achievements and personal growth;
  • Greater awareness of the opportunities presented by OER for informal learning eg. through MOOCs etc
  • Access to a challenging and attractive new approach to learning;

New contacts and network for further support and/or development.