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Cur8 Transnational Stocktaking Report and Educator Engagement Strategy
An analysis analyses of the extent to which CVET providers, trainers and educators are applying specific new digital technologies in their teaching and learning strategies for upskilling and updating adult learners.
Executive Summary EN BG DE SE
Stocktaking Report EN
Stocktaking Infographic EN
The Cur8 Train-the-Trainer Format
The Cur8 Train-the-Trainer Format aims to support the digital competence development of Learning and Development Professionals in CVET.
The Train-the-Trainer Methodology EN
The Cur8 Competence Framework EN BG SE DE
The Cur8 Modules Brochure EN BG SE DE
Focus: CVET Educators/ Learning & Development Professionals
Cur8 Workbook: The Evolving Role of CVET Educators EN BG DE SE
Focus: Learners in the Digital Context
Cur8 Workbook: Learners in the Online Environment EN BG DE SE
Introduction to Learners in the Online Environment EN
Focus: Content in the Online Context
Introduction to Content in the Online Context EN BG DE SE
Learning Content Curation EN BG DE SE
Finding, sorting and assessing OER/content EN BG DE SE
Podcast production EN BG DE SE
Digital storytelling EN BG DE SE
Understanding Copyright EN BG DE SE
Selecting and implementing appropriate digital tools EN BG DE SE
Mashups EN BG DE SE
Quizzes and Gamification EN BG DE SE
Video production EN BG DE SE
Collaborative Tools for online learning EN BG DE SE
Focus: Digital Wellbeing
Cur8 Workbook: Digital Wellbeing EN BG SE SE
The Cur8 Learning Experience Platform (LXP) and Cur8 Toolbox

To Access the Cur8 LXP CLICK HERE

To Access the Cur8 Toolbox CLICK HERE
The Cur8 Experience Report and Roadmap
The Cur8 Experience and a Roadmap to becoming a 'Digital Learning Content Curator and Facilitator'
Executive Summary EN BG DE SE
The Cur8 Experience and Roadmap Report EN
The Cur8 Roadmap Infographic EN