Become a Digital Learning Content Curator and Facilitator

A Learning Pathway for developing the competences of the Digital Learning Content Curator and Facilitator

Work practices, technologies and working patterns are rapidly changing and having a considerable influence on the design and delivery of CVET, Upskilling, Reskilling and Lifelong Education. Learning interventions are now being delivered in the flow of work activity into an environment of digital technologies with a focus on curation of content. Learners must remain the focus of design and delivery, shifting from 'done to' alternatives to 'available to' resources. 

This transition requires a shift in the mind set and skill set of the Educators and Learning & Development Professionals. Collaborative platforms, online social platforms and communities of practice are increasingly important to identify performance-related discussions in ‘real time’ and provide learning needs as they arise. This is a shift in mind set as well as skill set.

Follow the steps to achieve this: Create your own pathway and complete it with self-directed learning using the Cur8 Toolbox and LXP.