Skills development requires a focus on workflow learning

Fosway Group Infographic 2022

"Findings from Fosway's Digital Learning Realities 2022 research show that whilst formal training looms large, more scalable, and practical learning support from coaching, on-the-job assignments and buddying and mentoring are seen as having the most impact on skills development.

The data shows that when it comes to developing skills, L&D teams rate formal training (31%), coaching (31%), learning culture (30%), on the job assignments (27%) and buddying/mentoring (27%) as having the biggest impact on skills gaps in their organisation.

There is a disconnect between L&D’s role in more purposefully supporting workplace learning and the lack of systematic enablement. The problem may be the ability of learning technology to easily support great blended learning that can combine formal, workplace and collaborative learning.

The immaturity around the use of learning technology to support workflow learning, social and collaborative learning and especially personalisation is a concern - the research shows that 12% of respondents say their use of social and collaborative learning is advanced, for learning engagement that drops to 11% and 8% for workflow learning. Only 4% say their use of personalisation is advanced. To develop skills, learners need more human-centred learning."